Spend Bitcoin Cash

Spend your BCH at millions of merchants across the globe

How to Spend BCH

Here are some recommended options for spending Bitcoin Cash BCH. Use a merchant map to find options local to you, or onboard a merchant near you today!


Buy gift cards with BCH.


Buy gift cards with BCH.


Buy cell phone minutes with BCH.


Buy gift cards with BCH.


Order food online with BCH.


Book hotels and flights with BCH.


Shop at Amazon with BCH.


Buy furniture with BCH.


Buy domains and more with BCH.


Buy web hosting with BCH.


Buy your VPN with BCH.


Buy computers with BCH.


Buy precious metals with BCH.


Pay your phone bill with BCH.

Dish TV

Buy satellite TV with BCH.


Buy BCH merch with your BCH.

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Merchants Near You

Use these merchant maps to find one near you.


A BCH merchants map managed by Bitcoin.com.


A community-curated list of BCH merchants.


A multi-coin directory that includes BCH merchants.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Learn how to safely use Bitcoin Cash, how to earn BCH and more. Attend our trainings and study Bitcoin Cash tutorials to get up to speed.

Why Bitcoin Cash

What makes Bitcoin Cash special and what can you do with it?


With Bitcoin Cash, it costs almost nothing to send value from one side of the planet to the other. That's  more money in your pocket & new use cases.

Safe Haven

Hyper-inflation and other government corruption reducing the value of your bank deposits? withdrawals limited? Bitcoin Cash fixes that.


Bitcoin Cash is world-scale peer-to-peer electronic cash that can scale to serve billions of daily users. As you grow, Bitcoin Cash grows with you. No limits!


Send money home across the world right now, no forms, no limits, no rejected transactions and almost no fees. Now you can do that with Bitcoin Cash.


No one can close your Bitcoin Cash wallet or freeze your funds. With optional privacy and built-in censorship resistance, BCH can't be stopped!


Pay for your goods and services across borders, without limits, bank costs, delays and with almost no fees. Bitcoin Cash is works everywhere!

Bitcoin Cash News

Get the latest BCH updates at the BitcoinCashSite.com blog.

What BCH Needs in 2022

What BCH Needs in 2022

Here’s what I think BCH needs, and why, in 2022. I welcome your civil, thoughtful reactions.

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

I, George Donnelly, ran a flipstarter in Sep 2020 that was funded in 5 hours flat. This post represents the final delivery of that flipstarter.

Success Stories

I used menufy to order some Thai food with Bitcoin Cash and my Bitcoin.com wallet. It was simpler than putting in credit card information. A $25 transaction took a few seconds to process and cost >$.01 in transaction fees.

You can send any amount … no matter how big or little for literally no fees 😍. Peer to peer electronic cash for you … and let’s not forget instant 🔥. That’s BCH Bitcoin Cash!


Viewers donate directly to my YouTube podcast through a QR code.

  • No minimums or maximums
  • No cut to Youtube
  • No annoying ads
  • No requirement to meet monetization guidelines or give personal information
  • 0.1c fees
  • instant & global

This kind of spending to directly support creators is exemplified in BCH.

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