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Why Bitcoin Cash

What makes Bitcoin Cash special and what can you do with it?


With Bitcoin Cash, it costs almost nothing to send value from one side of the planet to the other. That's  more money in your pocket & new use cases.

Safe Haven

Hyper-inflation and other government corruption reducing the value of your bank deposits? withdrawals limited? Bitcoin Cash fixes that.


Bitcoin Cash is world-scale peer-to-peer electronic cash that can scale to serve billions of daily users. As you grow, Bitcoin Cash grows with you. No limits!


Send money home across the world right now, no forms, no limits, no rejected transactions and almost no fees. Now you can do that with Bitcoin Cash.


No one can close your Bitcoin Cash wallet or freeze your funds. With optional privacy and built-in censorship resistance, BCH can't be stopped!


Pay for your goods and services across borders, without limits, bank costs, delays and with almost no fees. Bitcoin Cash is works everywhere!

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Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

I, George Donnelly, ran a flipstarter in Sep 2020 that was funded in 5 hours flat. This post represents the final delivery of that flipstarter.

Success Stories

Bitcoin Cash is the sign that the world is moving towards a new way of using money in an irreversible way! In time, fortunately Bitcoin Cash will be the #1 choice for every person on the planet, rich and poor without distinction can use it!

Patricia E.


No paperwork or waste of time … You manage your money, and there are no controls or limits. This is Bitcoin Cash, unstoppable I would say.

Manuel H.


I never thought that I could have the possibility of receiving payments and remittances just by downloading an application. In addition, the transactions are so fast and so cheap that one wonders: Why isn’t everyone using Bitcoin Cash right now?

Gabrialis B.


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