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How to Earn BCH

Earning Bitcoin Cash BCH gives you a stake in the new global economy and enables you to trade across borders as if they didn’t exist. Gain your liberty! Work for your prosperity. Start earning BCH today.

Onboard Merchants

Onboard merchants to Bitcoin Cash in your local area and earn BCH.

Accept BCH

Accept BCH for all your business payments — retail POS, ecommerce, freelance, etc.

Onboard People

Onboard people to BCH via meetups, informal events and person to person.

Build a Business

Explore BCH business models and invent new ones. Fortune favors the bold.

Create Content

Create vlogs and write articles that meet our requirements and you can get paid in BCH.

Develop Apps

Discover BCH dev tools, bounties and develop your own Bitcoin Cash apps.

Recruit Team Members

Refer qualified team members to fill our open positions and earn Bitcoin Cash.


Invest in hashpower to produce new Bitcoin Cash blocks, and earn BCH.


Make short posts with text and images. Get paid in BCH for each like on your content.


Write articles for the Bitcoin Cash community, gain followers and get tipped in BCH.


Offer your freelance services in graphic design, coding & more to earn BCH.


Complete tasks offered by the BCH community and earn Bitcoin Cash.

Work with Us

Join the Panmoni team and help us build profitable global mass adoption.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Learn how to safely use Bitcoin Cash, how to earn BCH and more. Attend our trainings and study Bitcoin Cash tutorials to get up to speed.

Why Bitcoin Cash

What makes Bitcoin Cash special and what can you do with it?


With Bitcoin Cash, it costs almost nothing to send value from one side of the planet to the other. That's  more money in your pocket & new use cases.

Safe Haven

Hyper-inflation and other government corruption reducing the value of your bank deposits? withdrawals limited? Bitcoin Cash fixes that.


Bitcoin Cash is world-scale peer-to-peer electronic cash that can scale to serve billions of daily users. As you grow, Bitcoin Cash grows with you. No limits!


Send money home across the world right now, no forms, no limits, no rejected transactions and almost no fees. Now you can do that with Bitcoin Cash.


No one can close your Bitcoin Cash wallet or freeze your funds. With optional privacy and built-in censorship resistance, BCH can't be stopped!


Pay for your goods and services across borders, without limits, bank costs, delays and with almost no fees. Bitcoin Cash is works everywhere!

Bitcoin Cash News

Get the latest BCH updates at the BitcoinCashSite.com blog.

What BCH Needs in 2022

What BCH Needs in 2022

Here’s what I think BCH needs, and why, in 2022. I welcome your civil, thoughtful reactions.

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

I, George Donnelly, ran a flipstarter in Sep 2020 that was funded in 5 hours flat. This post represents the final delivery of that flipstarter.

Success Stories

BCH lets BCH.games players withdraw their winnings instantly with almost zero fees. Allowing them to enjoy the full value of their winnings. No waiting, no fees, just a seamless user experience thanks to Bitcoin Cash.


I love working with Bitcoin Cash because it allows me to help and teach others in so many ways. Which way? With Bitcoin Cash you can save time and money, as well as protect your privacy and that of others.
Talia G.


Working with Bitcoin Cash is building, feeling free, knowing that you can be part of something great and important that can change the world by contributing a grain to create a castle.
Sebastian M.


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