On the march to 1 million new Bitcoin Cash users by the end of 2021, we aim to operate with a lean staff and encourage project participants to be incentivized by the profit motive.

But we still need some tasks completed and we need to pay people to complete them. Ideally, they will come from our targeted regions.

And thanks to the successful BitcoinCash.site flipstarter and our financial supporters we have funds with which to pay team members! Thank you!

Help Wanted

  • Media Freelancers: We need people with experience in graphic design and video creation/editing.
  • Project Manager: The project manager will manage the freelancers, ensure the video tutorials and other content is produced on schedule, on budget and up to quality standards, publish the finalized content and coordinate other related activities.
  • Community Manager Latam (English & Spanish): We’re probably looking for a bilingual person from Venezuela for this position.
  • Community Manager South Asia: We’re probably looking for a bilingual person (English plus 1 South Asian language) for this position, bonus points if you are from the country that wins the video contest.
  • Community Manager Africa: Someone from Nigeria would be ideal here.

The community managers will welcome new people from their respective regions into the mentoring forum, provide support and ongoing encouragement and will proactively help us form new alliances, integrations and other win-win relationships for Bitcoin Cash in their respective regions.

Compensation is negotiable but will be competitive with local standards.

I’ve decided to push back the technical advisor onboarding since in the beginning we may not need that much additional technical expertise.

If you are interested in working with me on the BitcoinCash.site project, then evidence your intentions and commitment. Don’t send me your prayers, wishes or intentions.

Just your results.

The first thing you can do is participate in the video contest. Impress me.

Feel free to open a conversation with me via Telegram. https://t.me/georgedonnelly


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