Since the beginning of the project “Bitcoin Agents Venezuela” at the beginning of May 2021, as an organization we have looked for different alternatives to incentivize and motivate different people in all of Venezuela to be part of our team. That is why we have tried to implement different marketing strategies to promote this project, and one of them is the support of the Venezuelan influencer Aigil Gómez on her social networks.

Aigil Gómez works as a Venezuelan animator and model, and has decided to join the new era of Bitcoin Cash, motivating others to learn about its daily use.

First Promotional Video

On the first of June, the first promotional video about Bitcoin Cash was published on Aigil Gómez’s personal instagram, where she shows us part of her daily routine and how easy, fast and safe it is to pay with Bitcoin Cash.

Having such a busy schedule, you need a fast payment method that allows you to speed up your time for your next tasks of the day, and what better option than Bitcoin Cash to taste a delicious Sushi in one of our affiliated stores ( Cafe Sushi One ).

Promotional of Bitcoin Agents Venezuela

With the inspiring and youthful spark that the Venezuelan influencer Aigil Gómez has, she motivates her followers to join the Bitcoin Agents Venezuela project, where they can earn money educating others about the use of Bitcoin Cash in their daily lives.

What better way to promote this project, than in a “Bitcoin Invites” , which is one of the types of events that we carry out in the main cities of Venezuela so that people learn and live the experience of paying with Bitcoin Cash in a commercial establishment.

On that occasion, it was held at the headquarters of Krispy Donuts in Chacao where more than 80 people attended the event to live the experience .

Krispy Donuts is one of the large chains affiliated by the Venezuelan team under the 500-5 project that ended last May.

Results obtained

With more than 21,000 views altogether, we received new applications from agents and onboarders to our project. In addition to some consumers interested in receiving courses about Bitcoin Cash.

These results motivated us to increase our quantity and quality of events for the month of July and August, in order to continue teaching and motivating people to know about BCH. In Venezuela, without a doubt, people are not limited to innovating in tools that work to facilitate their day to day, and Bitcoin Cash as electronic cash that crosses borders as if they did not exist, is not far behind.

We hope to continue growing as an Organization product of these alliances, and in this way to be able to continue the expansion of Bitcoin Cash not only in Venezuela, but in the rest of the world.

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We are building prosperity and we want you to be part of this new story for the developing world.

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