A Break-Out Year

Bitcoin Cash is building a break-out year in 2021. Find out what BCH builders are working on, from infrastructure to apps to adoption and more. Discover the vision that is driving Bitcoin Cash to mass adoption in 2021 directly from its builders, funders and promoters. You, too, can join Bitcoin Cash as a builder, investor, promoter and more, and this documentary tells you how.

Filmed Across the Globe

This exciting documentary was produced by George Donnelly in Colombia and was filmed across the globe with contributions key teams and developers including Zunnurayni idris in Nigeria, Ibrahim in Ghana, Mike Komaransky, Roger Ver in the Caribbean, Jose Araujo of Panmoni in Venezuela, Luis Arcia in Italy, Mr. Trenz in Bangladesh, Prince Ighuru in Nigeria, Dagur in Norway, Josh Green in the USA, Jajaa Siradarat in Thailand, Joemar Taganna in the Philippines, Jonathan Silverblood in Finland, Eric Mannie in Nigeria, Akane Yokoo in Japan, Sebastian Montes in Colombia, Jonathan Toomim in the USA, Shomari Prince in the USA, Corentin Mercier in Thailand, Tom Zander, Yoshi Livo just outside Liberland, Eléonore Blanc in Europe, Fernando Pelliccioni in Argentina, Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions (CC-BY), Andrew Stone, Rosco Kalis, Francesco Simoncelli in Italy, Talia Guerrero in Venezuela, Precious Effiang in Nigeria, Markie S in the Philippines. Olga Coché of Go Producciones in Venezuela, Denis in Nigeria, Ian Blas in Argentina, Leila in Argentina, efevera in Nigeria, and the contestants of Nuestra Belleza Venezuela 2020 in Venezuela.

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Get the complete details on what Bitcoin Cash teams are building in 2021: https://bitcoincash.site/blog/unofficial-bitcoin-cash-roadmap-2021/


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  • Produce subtitles in Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese and other languages (feel free to make requests).
  • Tip people who produced video that was used in the documentary.
  • Finance Panmoni/BitcoinCash.site mass adoption work.
  • Compensate me (George Donnelly) for my time producing the documentary.

With special thanks to the funders of Panmoni / BitcoinCash.site / BCH Latam:

  • Mike Komaransky
  • Georg Engelmann
  • Roger Ver
  • Majamalu
  • Satoshi’s Angels
  • btcfork
  • Adam Draper
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