Meet Guy Fawkes, the mysterious and anonymous Bitcoin Cash developer that has a strategy for turning Bitcoin Cash into a decentralized Apple.

1. Who are you?

I am Guy Fawkes. The same one from the movie.

2. How (and when) did you become interested in Bitcoin Cash?

I was originally seeking to solve a non-Bitcoin related problem for personal consumption and was given two payment options. The legacy option was prohibitively expensive and the Bitcoin option was prohibitively confusing. Me being the cheap ass I am opted for the Bitcoin option. On down the Bitcoin rabbit hole I went. One thing led to another, and here I am in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. I am going on 3 years and change in the BCH space. I won’t say how long before that.

We have a roadmap full of hard-hitting killer applications that will come one after the other. If people knew what we have planned I think they would be very excited.

3. What have you built with BCH?

To date, most of my projects have been total failures – nothing worth noting here. At least they have been total failures from the perspective of onboarding users. They have been great learning experiences for me, and with every application I get better. Prior to my entrance to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, I had no developmental experience. I knew nothing about UI/UX/Marketing/Onboarding/etc. I had no capital to pay developers. I had no investors. I had no way to spread the word other than posting in r/btc. I also have no public face making everything 10X harder. So basically I started from ground zero in every way possible 3 years ago:

It took me 1 year to find a developer crazy enough to team up with. It took us 1 year to launch our first (very awful) app.
It took us 1 year to launch the first mildly successful app.

I say this to give context to the growth curve. We have a roadmap full of hard-hitting killer applications that will come one after the other. If people knew what we have planned I think they would be very excited. In time you will see what we release. The only thing these applications are waiting on is resources. We do not have the resources to build them… But we will soon – It’s just a matter of time. That is why we release comparatively sucks and is virtually at the bottom of our list. The reason we are releasing is because it is within our capacity to build it and we think it will provide a comparatively good return on a small investment (in the form of capital, reputation, users, and team members). We won’t hit on every game and maybe won’t be successful, but I promise you, we have more games/apps coming. I guarantee you there are some bangers coming.

4. Why are you building with BCH, and not another crypto ecosystem?

It is the leading network effect for transactional throughput. We also love 60 minute block times – it’s great for user experience.

After we build the fundamental App Store infrastructure on Bitcoin Cash, 1000 skilled developers will be able to take down most of Silicon Valley in the span of a couple years without leaving their mom’s basement.

5. Can you expand on your app store concept? This is what is meant to be, right? Why another BCH app?

We have a new name for the App Store – but that won’t be released for quite some time. The formal Bitcoin Cash App Store is pretty far away. But understand all the games we are releasing are forming the founding group of apps / funding / devs / users for the App Store… So in that sense the App Store is already underway – But I think people need to understand the formal release of the App Store is a long way off.

There is no way for me to coherently outline what the App Store is and will be. There are so many different angles to approach it from. It will only make sense after it is built. Though I will try to explain a little bit on what the App Store means to Bitcoin Cash:

The App Store concept is a simple way of referencing a Bitcoin Cash collaboration protocol. Bitcoin Cash does not have a shortage of developers. It does not have a shortage of funding. It does not have a shortage of users. Bitcoin Cash has enough resources to take the world over ten times. What Bitcoin Cash does have a shortage of is collaboration. The fundamental problem underlying the lack of collaboration is not just that we are a bunch of autistic anti-social libertarians, but that no one has outlined a compelling vision that can be proven to the greater BCH ecosystem to rally behind. Naturally, everyone in the BCH ecosystem thinks they have the “right” vision to move forward. This has led to there being some 200 developers all working by themselves. And even a rogue dev building an ecoin all by himself. The App Store creates a collaboration protocol such that we all agree on a basic set of non- inhibitive rules, and each pursue our own separate visions. While at the same time the App Store combines every developer’s vision into a single unitary network, without requiring anyone to agree on anything.

In practice this would mean a single universal userbase, newsfeed, web-portal, wallet, referral-link, and back-end infrastructure. 99% of the challenge of building an app has nothing to do with the actual protocol. It has to do with this other 99% platform/network effect stuff. If we all pool everything under one open-standard, it reduces customer acquisition cost to virtually zero. It aggregates the lifetime value of each customer across all BCH apps into a single onboarding event. It reduces the marginal cost of developing applications to nearly zero as the developer need not concern himself with the other 99% of platform crap.

While that concept is rather ambiguous, let’s use Netflix, YouTube, eBay, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, etc, as an example. While at the surface these apps appear to be different, they are all fundamentally the same application. The user signs up, creates a profile, links a payment method, broadcasts offers to the network, and consumers bid on/consume these offers. These applications really only differ on easily reconfigurable UI settings and reputational components. The innovation in these apps is not the protocol. The innovation is the marketing to get the users there in the first place.

The App Store we are going to build will abstract away the 99% of platform-stuff that is identical, leaving the developers only to build app protocols. After we build the fundamental App Store infrastructure on Bitcoin Cash, 1000 skilled developers will be able to take down most of Silicon Valley in the span of a couple years without leaving their mom’s basement. People view Silicon Valley as the cutting edge of technology. It’s not. Silicon Valley is the cutting edge of marketing. Bitcoin Cash is going to show the world what the cutting edge of technology really is.

Apple changed the world by merging all hardware into a single portable device. Bitcoin Cash will change the world by merging all applications into a single universal network.

6. Do you have any plans to build on SmartBCH? Or what do you think of SmartBCH?

I currently do not have any plans to build on SmartBCH. I wish SmartBCH well. Personally, I am more interested in hyper-competitive-federated-models as opposed to authoritative-benevolent-dictator- smart-contract models. Though they both have different use cases and are not mutually exclusive. The primary benefit of smart contracts is interoperability. I think federated models can achieve a similar degree of interoperability (with the right framework) but far outperform the execution of “contracts” in terms of scope, accuracy, and efficiency. That’s not to say smart contracts don’t have use cases, but I think their scope is limited to specific well defined financial contracts. Whereas a federated model can handle a much greater degree of complexity and nuance.

From a higher level perspective I have noticed a trend in the BCH ecosystem where another cryptocurrency develops a successful protocol/app and Bitcoin Cash tries to copycat that long after the fact. That’s understandable and better than nothing, but to get the users you have to be first. Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is already at.

Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is already at.

7. What are you working on with the development funds collected from the games? (u/doramas89)

It’s fairly nuanced, but the TLDR is: we are starting with a tiny capital snowball and rolling it into a big snowball. The funds are being reinvested into BCH games/applications to make the snowball bigger. Eventually when the snowball gets big enough, funds will be reinvested into BCH infrastructure – like the App Store infrastructure previously referenced.

8. Do you see a weakness in the game around first mover disadvantage? Specifically, if you deposit any BCH and only end up playing by yourself, you end up in a net loss situation. Do you see this is hampering people from trying this game out? (u/Inferknite)

That is correct. There is a first mover disadvantage. There is also a UX problem with 12 deposit addresses. We thought there was a good chance both of these items would be problematic and it turned out they were.

Addressing the first mover disadvantage problem — operating under perfect game theory, arbitrageurs should be able to profitably match the first handful of bets of any size. It is clear in practice people were unwilling/unaware of how to do that. In the future if there are more arbitrageurs/players then the first mover disadvantage would not be a problem. In the present this creates a chicken and egg problem of bootstrapping game liquidity.

In effort to overcome the chicken and egg problem of liquidity, we are releasing a 1v1 Battle Royale game in which the highest amount of deposits wins. This will solve both the first mover disadvantage problem and the 12 deposit address UX problem. It does come with the tradeoff of introducing a new potential problem as players may pile onto the winning avatar as opposed to placing competing bets on the losing avatar. There is theoretical incentive for that to not be the case. We will launch the new 1v1 version and see what happens… If the 1v1 game is successful and we overcome the chicken & egg problem of liquidity, we will relaunch the original 4 player game. I think the 4 player game would be quite the spectacle if we can get past the chicken & egg problem of liquidity.

Right now we have 10 completely redundant/unnecessary full node projects all going to war with each other and splitting the chain every other year. With drivechain we could have 10 full node projects building synergetic low-trust sidechains with differing features

9. What parts of the BCH ecosystem are most in need of support, but aren’t getting it? (u/twoehy)

  1. Useful applications
  2. Useful applications
  3. Useful applications
  4. Metamask-like browser wallet for BCH to combine useful applications into one universal profile/wallet.
  5. App Store to combine useful applications into one universal interface.
  6. Instant confirmations to 10X the number of useful applications that can be built on BCH.
  7. Less full node projects/less fighting.
  8. A simplified version of Paul Sztorc’s drivechain. This solves the existential protocol “upgrade” problem. This enables anyone to change the protocol however they see fit without impacting base consensus rules. Right now we have 10 completely redundant/unnecessary full node projects all going to war with each other and splitting the chain every other year. With drivechain we could have 10 full node projects building synergetic low-trust sidechains with differing features (privacy, smart contracts, scaling, speed, etc)… And most importantly put an end to the biannual forks/wars.

BCH Branding/Marketing

  1. Denominate BCH in satoshis. This could 2X -3X the market cap and would require little effort. It is the lowest hanging fruit to be claimed in the BCH ecosystem. For a coin that is ranked #17 and could very possibly be ranked #50 in 1 year’s time, this is a very obvious solution… I really don’t understand why something this simple isn’t a priority.
  2. We need to drop the “p2p cash for the world” & “Big Blocksize” monikers. It’s not that these missions aren’t important but rather that nobody understands what they mean – Most importantly the speculators don’t understand what they mean. Speculators don’t want to do 100 hours of research figuring out why big blocks are better. They just want to bet on a simple meme. Every top coin has a simple central meme. BTC is taking down fiat. ETH is smart contracts/Defi. Tether is USD. Cardano is Charles Hoskinson. I think BCH should brand itself as the app coin. More specifically I think BCH should brand itself as the meme of “Decentralized Apple.” – Speculators would love that.
  3. I think a great example of the poor marketing that is illustrative of the BCH community as a whole (with all due respect) is Go to the site with the mindset of a new user. It is completely incomprehensible. They are basically trying to educate the new user on why Bitcoin is important – The user doesn’t care and is never going to. Don’t tell the user why Bitcoin is important. Show the user what it can do with Bitcoin to change their life (in the next 5 seconds). The user wants useful apps. They aren’t looking to join a new religion or download a wallet they can’t do anything with. is the premier domain in the cryptosphere, and I find it hard to believe the website itself (excluding Roger’s fantastic efforts outside the website) has converted any users to BCH/crypto. All that being said, I want to be very clear – Roger has arguably done more for Bitcoin Cash than perhaps everyone else combined. This is not trying to downplay his efforts at all.

10.SatoshiPyramid was a phenomenal success, why develop a new game instead of running round 2? I have already asked this, but the answer wasn’t in great depth so maybe able to elaborate more, if not that’s fine though. The obvious angles would be things about it being an online gambling 2 game in the first place, but seems similar in that regard. (u/shibinator)

There are currently no plans for a game 2 of Satoshi Pyramid. I promise there are more successful games coming. They will make Satoshi Pyramid look like the first grade bake sale that it was.

11.You are focused on adoption of Bitcoin (Cash). What do you think is the most effective overall strategy for achieving that?

That’s a very nuanced and complicated discussion. In short, our strategy is to use speculative games to bootstrap funding, reputation, a dev-team, and a userbase. All these items will seed the foundation of an App Store. Speculative games have proven to be the best way to onboard users in the cryptosphere. After you onboard the user through high-margin speculation, you sell them the low-margin product that will actually change their life.

12.You say you want to “harness the power of speculation”. Can you explain that concept?

The entire crypto space is a clever innovative online game. It is so innovative that most participants don’t even view it as such. And for the most part neither does the mafia. That’s not to say crypto won’t evolve to be something more than that in the future, but it is important to make the distinction that future is not today. Coinbase is the Vegas airport. Binance is the Vegas Strip. Ethereum is the MGM Grand. Coinmarketcap is the billboard ranking the games. Speculation is how all these projects are claiming territory in the virgin wild west of crypto.

Speculation has proven time and time again to be the best way to onboard users, generate virality, and fund development. If BCH doesn’t survive the speculation phase, then it won’t be around long enough to see the real adoption phase.

13.Speculation can be little more than gambling. Do you consider it ethical to play on this dynamic?

If people don’t like our products, they don’t have to use them. We go out of our way to make sure everything is clearly outlined. We give very clear expectations. In contrast, the games listed on coinmarketcap promise everything from ending world-poverty to curing cancer. We make no such claims (in our products). Maybe we should tell everyone we are curing cancer and sell them a commemorative token, and people will like us more. We offer clearly defined games of skill. Don’t like it, then don’t use it.

14. Pitch us on joining your efforts.

For anyone striving to make a real impact on both BCH and freedom, this is how to do it. The apps we are building give you very high leverage in onboarding users. You don’t have to onboard 1 million users – all you have to do is onboard the first 100 users, and the way the apps are designed the next 1 million will naturally follow. We just need that tinder bundle of the first 100 users and we would be honored to have you join us in building that.

If any of this seems interesting to you – come join us at Everyone (developer or not) is welcome to join. We have killer apps lined up deeper than the BTC mempool – We will pay you to build them.