1. Who are you?

We are BCH.games, your favorite no-bullshit™ crypto casino.

2. How (and when) did you become interested in Bitcoin Cash?

About 2 years ago, when looking for the perfect solution for BCH.games. Bitcoin Cash ended up being perfect for the project. It allows instant deposits/withdrawals, low fees so players keep all their profits (even for micro transactions) and advanced privacy (fusion).

3. Please tell us about your project BCH.games.

BCH.games is a Crypto and Bitcoin Cash casino that let you play fun games and earn BCH. It’s 100% fair, private and with a very low house edge on each games. We aim to entertain all crypto gamblers in most friction-less way possible.

We created it because as players ourselves, we were fed up by other crypto casinos. They’re taking ages to credit deposit/withdrawal, always taking a high fee. House edge are high and registration process is a pain. So we just identified every single source of friction, and removed them one by one, building what for us is the perfect gaming experience: all fun, no bullshit.

4. What aspect of BCH.games are you most proud of and what habits or help enabled you to achieve it?

Recently we added a chat with an instant P2P BCH tip feature. It’s beautiful to see the community bonding and gifting each other crypto. Habit wise, the team just build, no politics, just pure productivity. Here again: all work, no bullshit.

5. Why are you building with BCH, and not another crypto ecosystem?

We choose BCH because of Instant transactions, low fees and all on Layer 1. It provides the best value to our players (they can verify all transactions, preserve almost 100% of their winnings and never wait to cashout).

6. Do you have any plans to build on SmartBCH?

Yes. We will be launching a new P2P game in 2022 (player duels). SmartBCH will allow us to build the fairness system for it, so all players will be able to verify each game were not manipulated in any way.

7. What parts of the BCH ecosystem are most in need of support, but aren’t getting it?

Marketing. Looks like 2022 gonna be the year though with k.im and other big projects.

8. How can we attract more developers to BCH/SmartBCH?


9. What do you think is the most effective overall strategy for achieving the mass adoption of Bitcoin (Cash) that the ecosystem can pursue in 2022?

Popular apps + coin pumping.

10. Pitch us on joining your efforts. Tell us where to contact you.

Talk in the BCH.games chat or DM @BCHdotgames on Twitter

Our url is https://bch.games , all players get free BCH just by visiting, so see you in the chat 🙂