Bitcoin Cash marketing is about to increase thanks to the funding of my BCH marketing flipstarter. Thank you so much to those who are supporting the work required for Bitcoin Cash mass adoption!

The goal is to get people using Bitcoin Cash for remittances. First we onboard them to, then we introduce them to to build liquidity. Then we get them marketing remittance services locally, onboarding merchants and holding meetups.

All of this is geared towards use and utility as a medium of exchange (cash) — not on speculation.

I aim to increase on-chain transactions, increase depth of BCH liquidity, create new partnerships and integrations, increase demand for BCH, and therefore the market price, and to produce mountains of compelling media demonstrating that Bitcoin Cash is realizing the vision of P2P electronic cash for the entire world.

The Bitcoin Cash Marketing Campaigns

I aim to run these marketing campaigns as ways of drawing new people into Bitcoin Cash. The promise is that new users will gain concrete and short-term utility value from using BCH.

  1. Bitcoin Cash connects you to the world (introduction to BCH)
  2. Create content and earn Bitcoin Cash (
  3. Bitcoin Cash is open for business (build a business with
  4. Send money home with Bitcoin Cash (remittances)
  5. “I hold BCH for my Future” (investment and safe haven use cases)

The Bitcoin Cash Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are short (3-5 minutes tops on average) and teach people how to do a specific thing with Bitcoin Cash. This way, when people need support, they can be linked to one video that rapidly provides to them the information they need.

Content is bite-sized and can be consumed with minimal time commitments over an extended period of time.

I have about 120 video topics sketched out in 6 collections below, and welcome your feedback.

1. Why Bitcoin Cash

The goal with this collection of tutorial videos is to get new people to care about Bitcoin Cash as they realize how innovative it is and what the positive implications of its adoption are. We need to locate Bitcoin Cash in its context so people understand its role.

  1. Why your future depends on Bitcoin Cash
  2. The history of money
  3. Central banking and inflation
  4. Corporate capture, cronyism, special privileges and the tilting of the playing field against small business
  5. Statism, war, the surveillance state and individual liberty
  6. Financial exclusion, poverty, opportunity cost and the developing world
  7. Bitcoin history and the founding of Bitcoin Cash
  8. The Bitcoin Cash vision
  9. What you can do with Bitcoin Cash (no limits)
    1. People of Bitcoin Cash (prominent people associated with BCH, Roger, Jihan, Jiang, etc.)

2. How to Use Bitcoin Cash

These tutorials aim to bring people up to speed on the basics of Bitcoin Cash use.

  1. Install the wallet on Android
  2. Install the wallet on iOS
  3. Install Electron Cash
  4. Secure your private keys
  5. Send BCH (Bcom wallet)
  6. Receive BCH (Bcom wallet)
  7. Send BCH (Electron Cash wallet)
  8. Receive BCH (Electron Cash wallet)
  9. Configure your wallet(s) for maximum security
    1. How to be safe when buying and selling BCH
    2. Buy BCH (
    3. Sell BCH (
    4. Buy BCH (Binance)
    5. Sell BCH (Binance)
    6. Buy BCH (Uphold)
    7. Sell BCH (Uphold)
    8. Buy BCH (Kraken) English only
    9. Sell BCH (Kraken) English only
    10. Buy BCH (Coinbase) English only
    11. Sell BCH (Coinbase) English only
    12. Buy BCH (Bitso) Spanish only
    13. Sell BCH (Bitso) Spanish only
    14. Buy BCH (Buda) Spanish only
    15. Sell BCH (Buda) Spanish only
    16. Buy BCH ( English only
    17. Sell BCH ( English only
    18. Buy BCH ( English only (+ maybe Tagalog)
    19. Sell BCH ( English only (+ maybe Tagalog)
    20. Other ways to buy and sell BCH (ATMs, Athena, CoinLogiq, OTC, credit card,, etc.)
    21. How to recover a wallet
    22. How to use a hardware wallet (Ledger)
    23. How to use a hardware wallet (TBD)
    24. How to use stablecoins to protect yourself from volatility
    25. How the blockchain works I
    26. How the blockchain works II

3. What is Bitcoin Cash Good for?

What problems does Bitcoin Cash solve? What are its general benefits and use cases. Hat tip to for some inspiration here.

  1. Peer to peer electronic cash
  2. Low fees, which enable micro-transactions
  3. Censorship-resistance
  4. Safe haven (Move your wealth anywhere and whenever you want to)
  5. Remittances
  6. Scalable
  7. Cross-border trade
  8. Unstoppable (You control it. No banks, no limits, bypass sanctions, no one can close or freeze your account, no transaction amount limits)
  9. Store of Value (Protection against corrupt governments manipulating currency emission, hyperinflation, etc.)
    1. Payments (Millions of merchants, no chargebacks)
    2. SLP tokens
    3. Programmable money (Smart contracts, tokens, oracles, dividends, anonymous bearer shares)
    4. Liberty (Small groups of people using government can control large groups of people. Remove their control of the money printing press and you can have more freedom)

4. Use Bitcoin Cash Now!

How can Bitcoin Cash be concretely put to use right now such that it adds value to your life or solves some problem you have. That’s what this collection is aimed at.


  1. Get started with
  2. What to create on
  3. Make money with the affiliate program
  4. How to get tips on
  5. How to get sponsors on
  6. How to onboard new users to


  1. How to open an account on
  2. How to buy BCH with a credit card on
  3. How to buy BCH from a liquidity provider on
  4. How to sell BCH on
  5. How to create offers on
  6. How to start a BCH liquidity business
  7. How to grow your BCH liquidity business
  8. How to marketing your BCH liquidity business

C. Other Services

  2. Travala

D. Onboard New BCH Users

  1. How to introduce Bitcoin Cash to new users
  2. How to find Bitcoin Cash merchants (AcceptBitcoin.Cash,
  3. How to onboard BCH merchants
  4. How to use Bitcoin Cash Register
  5. How to support BCH merchants
  6. How to organize a BCH meetup
  7. How to produce media of your Bitcoin Cash promotional work
  8. How to make money while promoting Bitcoin Cash
  9. 51 Bitcoin Cash business ideas for you to profit from

5. Meet the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem

Bitcoin Cash is not just UTXOs on a blockchain. It’s also the people. So, while this collection is a lower priority than most others, I aim to do interviews with BCH developers and promoters, business profiles, etc.

  • At least 20 videos.

6. Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Now that we will have onboarded Bitcoin Cash users in low- and middle-income developing world nations that receive significant remittance inflows, we will need to teach the remittance senders in high-GDP cities with migrant populations where to buy BCH locally, so they can then remit it.

  1. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Miami?
  2. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in New York?
  3. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Los Angeles?
  4. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Chicago?
  5. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in London?
  6. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Madrid?
  7. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Paris?
  8. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Germany?
  9. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in the UAE? (
    1. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Saudi Arabia?
    2. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Switzerland?
    3. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Moscow?
    4. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Kuwait?
    5. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Seoul?
    6. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Amsterdam?
    7. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Switzerland?
    8. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Qatar?
    9. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Oman?
    10. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Moscow?
    11. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Tokyo?
    12. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Santiago de Chile?
    13. Where to buy Bitcoin Cash in Singapore?

Mindset Training

I will also be creating a series of about 26 videos on mindset which will be available in English and Spanish. Building businesses and doing outreach is hard. People will need the right mindset to be able to persist through the challenges and difficulties.


Soon I’ll have some posts with job announcements and which regions we will definitely be targeting.

I’m already starting to build the team and will make some announcements about that soon, as well.

I welcome your feedback on these content ideas, and on anything else.

Let’s keep building Bitcoin Cash.

Perks and Sponsorships

There are still quite a few perks and sponsorships available starting from 1 BCH.

Sponsorship plans are all about building brand awareness for your business. We are open to discussing the best ways to achieve your goals.

Perks and sponsorships enable us to promote Bitcoin Cash better, farther, faster and more often.

<2 x 100 BCH

For 100 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 18 video tutorials
  • 30 social media posts
  • 1 marketing campaign, including landing page and email sequence
  • 6 livestreams
  • 6 pieces of PR content
  • 5 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • The mentoring forum
  • Exclusive sponsorship of 1 event
  • Biweekly video calls with the team

<6 x 50 BCH

For 50 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 9 video tutorials
  • 12 social media posts
  • 3 livestreams
  • 3 pieces of PR content
  • 2 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • Monthly video calls with the team

4 x 25 BCH

For 25 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 3 video tutorials
  • 5 social media posts
  • 1 livestream
  • 1 set of Brand Gear (shipping not included)


  1. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 5 BCH or more and get a limited edition Bitcoin Cash Mass Adoption hardcover, full-color, glossy photo book suitable for display on your coffee table or in your den. Your photo book will show off photographs taken by / of new BCH builders onboarded as part of this project. This memento will become a collector’s item you can treasure for decades as evidence of your contribution to the development of Bitcoin Cash across the globe. Absolutely no more than 100 copies of this founder’s edition of the book will be printed.
  2. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 2 BCH or more and get a set of 5 holiday cards that highlight a photograph produced by or taken of program participants in the course of promoting Bitcoin Cash. Use the cards to spread Bitcoin Cash holiday cheer in December. Winners of Perk 1 are not eligible for Perk 2.
  3. Be anyone who donates 1 BCH or more and be eligible for a drawing for a decorative wall-hanging suitable for framing that includes photos and/or artwork produced by/of program participants in the course of the execution of this proposal. This item will be unique and only 1 of this particular item will ever be produced.
  4. Donate any amount and receive a permanent listing on the about page as our enduring thanks to you. Include a link in your pledge or via email and we will link back to any reasonable website.

To buy a sponsorship, please email [email protected].

To claim a perk via direct donation, please send an email with a block explorer link to your transaction and your perk request.


Get background analysis that informs the overall adoption strategy.