is a marketing and onboarding hub for Bitcoin Cash in service of the goal of onboarding 1 million new people to Bitcoin Cash by 31 Dec 2021.

During our first 6 months of operation, we will be focused on marketing, outreach and the creation of tutorial materials. We will be producing dozens of short videos and other graphic media that aim to attract, onboard, train, motivate and retain new BCH builders in the areas of P2P liquidity,  local outreach and merchants & meetups. will serve as a convenient and representative interface for new builders, businesses, investors, journalists, content creators, holders and others to integrate themselves into the fabric and culture of Bitcoin Cash.

We specifically aim to build new excitement and concrete growth for Bitcoin Cash in the area of real-world adoption, with a focus on Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

We are looking to raise 277 BCH to finance the first 6 months of operations via donations, flipstarter and/or sponsorships. If we receive more, we will ramp up our strategy proportionally and perhaps even expand to more resource-intensive strategies earlier than currently planned.

Bitcoin Cash here is defined as the non-IFP chain. We will follow the existing Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, particularly projects such as,, SLP Foundation, BCHD, Bitcoin Verde, General Protocols, Bitcoin Cash Node, etc. is a project by George Donnelly [email protected] @georgedonnelly.

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Sep 2020 Flipstarter Archive

1. Action Plan

During the first 6 months, starting as early as 15 Sep 2020, we will be focused on marketing, outreach and the creation of tutorial materials. We will be producing videos and other graphic media.

We will launch with a minimalistic and agile approach first, ensuring we find successful paths to meet our goals before investing large sums into complex development tasks. We will hit the low-hanging fruit first, quick and dirty.

End Results

Looking at the stages contemplated in the strategy that guides this proposal, we will aim at the following stages to start.

  • P2P Liquidity: Onboard content creators to and help them to create a P2P liquidity business serving their local area, national community and/or region.
  • Local Outreach: Guide the new BCH P2P liquidity business owners to create content that reaches out to bring new people who are currently unaware of BCH from their respective local areas into this funnel.
  • Merchants & Meetups: Work with participants to onboard local merchants to BCH and to hold meetups.

This means that we will aim our efforts at helping users and others to profit by adding liquidity to and then marketing their services locally; as well as by onboarding merchants and holding meetups (digital or face-to-face).

Strategy will use a digital-first adoption strategy that leverages existing network businesses, such as and, in order to develop human talent, particularly in the developing world, to amplify Bitcoin Cash grassroots adoption. See “A Post-Coronavirus, Digital-First, Emergent Mass Adoption Strategy for Bitcoin Cash” for details on the strategy.


  • 72 Video Tutorials: 3 per week x 24 weeks = 72. Video tutorials will be published to YouTube and shared across social media.
  • 120 Graphic Social Media Posts: 5 per week x 24 weeks = 120 posts. Posts will be published across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels as appropriate.
  • 4 Marketing Campaigns: 4 campaigns of 2 x 1-minute videos per week each, to run for 6 weeks each = 48 videos.
  • 4 Landing Pages and Email Sequences as needed to accompany the other deliverables. Each marketing campaign will include an automated funnel behind it that uses email marketing to take prospective BCH builders from curiosity to some goal which advances them forward towards being full-fledged BCH app developers.
  • 1 Mentoring Forum: a forum, discord or other many-to-many communication tool.
  • 24 Weekly Livestreams: To tie it all together and to connect the new builders with the current BCH ecosystem, we will hold weekly livestreams where we discuss current events and take questions.
  • 2 Events: At least two events that spark participants to produce extraordinary results.
  • 100 Sets of Brand Gear. We will produce some brand gear, which will at a minimum be a t-shirt and may also include a hat and/or something else. This will provide our most visible ground adoption leaders a sense of pride and mission. It will also look great for the PR content we aim to produce. Brand Gear will be distributed to those most likely to make the best use of it.
  • 24 Pieces of PR Content: At least 24 pieces of public relations content for Bitcoin Cash, be it interviews with builders, metric reports or something else that emerges from the work.
  • 5 Monthly Reports: By the 15th of each calendar month, we will prepare a complete report on our activities and results, including metrics.
  • 1 Coordinating Group: We will coordinate our work, including team meetings, via a group, probably a Telegram group. Donors, volunteers and others interested in what we are doing will be able to join the group, provide real-time feedback, be included in team zoom calls, etc.


  • Freelance Media Developers: responsible for developing media that presents Bitcoin Cash attractively, images, videos, copy, etc.
  • Community Manager: connects people, provides front-line support and ensures everyone has a positive experience in the mentoring forum. This person should speak at least English and one of the other targeted languages.
  • Technical Advisor: provides guidance on technical matters, particularly when it comes to programming tutorials and support for people learning to develop software on top of BCH. Requires familiarity with Bitcoin Cash and probably full stack web dev skills. Probably a 10-20 hours per week commitment.
  • Business Developer: builds partnerships among BCH businesses and uses a white glove approach to onboard new e-commerce merchants, liquidity providers, win-win partnerships for BCH and more.
  • Coordinator: ties everything together and communicates with stakeholders.
  • Project Manager: Ensures production schedules are met, projects are planned, and things happen on schedule.

Geographic Focus

Initially, we will cast a wide net to see where there is demand for Bitcoin Cash adoption. But over time, it is likely that certain areas will emerge as clear priorities due to demand, such as the following.

  • Latam: Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, Kenya
  • South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Philippines


We aim to deliver all of the content (except livestreams) in at least 3 languages: English (Africa, Philippines, global), Spanish (Latam except Brazil) and an Asian language to be determined (Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Arabic are candidates) during the first 3 months.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials will be focused on teaching people how to use Bitcoin Cash to solve real problems, such as the following.

  • install mobile and desktop wallets
  • buy and sell BCH using centralized, decentralized and P2P exchanges
  • send a remittance with Bitcoin Cash
  • introduce Bitcoin Cash to new users
  • onboard merchants
  • start a BCH liquidity business
  • how the blockchain works
  • how to program for BCH using existing javascript, python, java and other libraries

If resources permit, we will also run a campaign aimed at Ethereum token projects and prospective token creators that highlights the low fees of Bitcoin Cash so as to attract more token projects to Bitcoin Cash. However, this focus will take a backseat to the primary cash-oriented focus.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are aimed at reminding people of the opportunities to profit from using BCH and building a Bitcoin Cash business, to teach, to spark action and to reinforce ideas and offers.

Marketing Campaigns

The marketing campaigns will likely be sub-90-second videos using stock footage or other existing and available footage to pitch a Bitcoin Cash use case that also benefits the viewer, and encourage them to visit a landing page. On the landing page, they voluntarily provide their email address and then we begin an automated learning and integration program that gets them up to speed on the use case they are interested in.

2. Roadmap

We’ll start with items A and B from the below roadmap in the immediate term, and once we have those well in motion, we’ll work on slowly adding the other items on the roadmap. The idea is to start small with an inexpensive MVP, learn and pivot as needed, then grow.

A. Onboarding Hub

Starting immediately, we will attract new businesses and business builders to Bitcoin Cash via marketing campaigns and direct outreach. We will accompany them during the onboarding process and serve as a point of contact to support them so they stay with Bitcoin Cash indefinitely. This will be our primary focus at least through 30 Apr 2021, as this activity feeds all the rest.

Types of businesses and builders we will focus on include the following.

  • liquidity providers on P2P exchanges.
  • people wishing to build web and mobile apps that solve new and interesting problems with Bitcoin Cash.
  • general web and mobile developers
  • small businesses looking to build a product that is well-served by the low fees, UTXO format and other qualities of Bitcoin Cash

We will seek volunteer mentors from the BCH community to assist us in guiding these builders, as well as hire a technical advisor.

We will also seek to build/leverage relationships with existing influencers and BCH builders in service of the plan.

Along with websites like, and others, can be part of a constellation of online Bitcoin Cash presences that create greater decentralization for outsiders who are used to making “proof of domain” -style judgments.

B. Marketing

Starting 15 Sep 2020, we will begin constant social media and video marketing for Bitcoin Cash, oriented around teaching people how to use Bitcoin Cash to solve real problems right now. This effort will initially support item A.

C. Partnerships

Starting 15 Jan 2021, if the previous steps are on track, we will begin to actively procure new liquidity integrations and other win-win partnerships that help Bitcoin Cash grow at little or no cost, including combo remittances, e-commerce merchant adoption and local merchant adoption efforts where sensible.

D. Newsroom

Starting 15 May 2021, if the previous steps are on track, we will begin to enable journalists to cover Bitcoin Cash more thoroughly by providing press releases, video interviews and other materials. We will perform outreach to journalists to get more frequent, more favorable and more in-depth coverage of Bitcoin Cash. We will build and maintain an email database of relevant journalists.

E. Business Hub

If conditions are favorable, we will form a Bitcoin Cash business hub to permit businesses to discover each other, build on top of each other and express their positions on decisions that affect the general ecosystem.

Membership might initially be free, subject to meeting certain qualifications. Membership will grant member businesses access to a private discussion space as well to a marketplace of software developers, marketing, PR and other business services that will help the businesses take greater advantage of everything Bitcoin Cash has to offer them.

Business Model

There are many ways to monetize but we aim to bootstrap it with a minimal barrier to entry so as to grow rapidly and gain value from network effects. It could optimistically take 24 months to reach a self-sustaining income level.

  • Onboarding Fee. Once we have a critical mass of users, the network effect of will be greater, and we can charge a fee to onboard businesses and/or for a higher-level concierge level of onboarding support.
  • For-Pay Courses. We can create educational courses and charge for them.
  • Donations from Participants. Successful alumni of the training programs may be convinced to donate some of their earnings back to keep the programs going, since growing the ecosystem can benefit all players.
  • Membership Fees. We can eventually charge a recurring membership fee to members of the business alliance in return for access to the membership benefits.
  • Marketplace Fees. When businesses select a partner from the business services marketplace, we can take a fee and/or percentage as compensation for making the connection.
  • Equity in New Businesses. As we help builders form new businesses, we can take an equity position in some of these companies as compensation.
  • Supervision of Local Adoption Efforts. When we assist local adoption efforts, such as for merchants and meetups, we can take a percentage of funding they raise in return for our support, escrow services, supervision and communications help.

3. Budget

At this time, we are raising funds for 6 months of operations in order to demonstrate the value of our work, MVP-style. If the project shows signs of success, we will come back for more funding with a detailed report on our results, including spending.

I currently do not have funding for these activities from any sources other than a few small donations totalling 0.11592806 BCH received from BCH Ignite livestreams. There is a small amount of project overlap with the BCH Latam video tutorials.

View Budget

We will attempt to hire team members from We will prioritize suppliers who accept Bitcoin Cash; and indeed aim to pay all expenses in Bitcoin Cash BCH.

Any funds raised beyond the budget, that are left over at the end of 6 months and/or that proceed from a rise in the market price of BCH will be used to extend this project, or to add additional languages or videos, or otherwise deliver additional value towards the stated goals.

Donation Address

This is the donation address. We will endeavor to keep all BCH funds on this address. Any donations sent to this address will be used for this project. Sponsorship payments should also be sent here. If we do a flipstarter, if the flipstarter is in danger of not completing, and if we have enough funds to complete it, then we will use funds on this address to do so.


4. Fundraising


We may run a Flipstarter if there is sufficient support. Donors would receive PAN tokens as thanks for their donations at the rate of 1 PAN for each 0.01 BCH donated since this work can contribute to the development of the Panmoni business plan. Donors could also use their successful flipstarter pledges to purchase sponsorships and earn perks.

Sponsorship Plans

We are open to negotiating custom sponsorship packages for Bitcoin Cash businesses. Here are the available sponsorship plans and perks. The 100 BCH sponsorships can be replaced by 2 x 50 BCH sponsorships, depending on demand.

Sponsorship plans are all about building brand awareness for your business. We are open to discussing the best ways to achieve your goals.

<2 x 100 BCH

For 100 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 18 video tutorials
  • 30 social media posts
  • 1 marketing campaign, including landing page and email sequence
  • 6 livestreams
  • 6 pieces of PR content
  • 5 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • The mentoring forum
  • Exclusive sponsorship of 1 event
  • Biweekly video calls with the team

<6 x 50 BCH

For 50 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 9 video tutorials
  • 12 social media posts
  • 3 livestreams
  • 3 pieces of PR content
  • 2 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • Monthly video calls with the team

4 x 25 BCH

For 25 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 3 video tutorials
  • 5 social media posts
  • 1 livestream
  • 1 set of Brand Gear (shipping not included)


  1. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 5 BCH or more and get a limited edition Bitcoin Cash Mass Adoption hardcover, full-color, glossy photo book suitable for display on your coffee table or in your den. Your photo book will show off photographs taken by / of new BCH builders onboarded as part of this project. This memento will become a collector’s item you can treasure for decades as evidence of your contribution to the development of Bitcoin Cash across the globe. Absolutely no more than 100 copies of this founder’s edition of the book will be printed.
  2. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 2 BCH or more and get a set of 5 holiday cards that highlight a photograph produced by or taken of program participants in the course of promoting Bitcoin Cash. Use the cards to spread Bitcoin Cash holiday cheer in December. Winners of Perk 1 are not eligible for Perk 2.
  3. Be anyone who donates 1 BCH or more and be eligible for a drawing for a decorative wall-hanging suitable for framing that includes photos and/or artwork produced by/of program participants in the course of the execution of this proposal. This item will be unique and only 1 of this particular item will ever be produced.
  4. Donate any amount and receive a permanent listing on the about page as our enduring thanks to you. Include a link in your pledge or via email and we will link back to any reasonable website.

To buy a sponsorship, please email [email protected].

To claim a perk, please put some kind of identifying info in your pledge text on the flipstarter or email [email protected] prior to pledging with a random number and your perk request. Then make your pledge and add that random number to the text of your pledge. To claim a perk via direct donation, please send an email with a block explorer link to your transaction and your perk request.

Why Now

  • Reducing activity will handicap Bitcoin Cash vis-a-vis Bitcoin ABC in the marketplace should Bitcoin ABC manage a meaningful fork, and we face a situation where holders are dumping one coin for another. We need to maintain, indeed increase, holder excitement for BCH so they hold it no matter what.
  • We must attract new BCH buyers, holders, builders, users and businesses without pause. Time is the only asset we can not replace.

5. Questions & Answers

  • What if the flipstarter fails? If we do a flipstarter and it falls short, we will make available our donation address and will move forward the best we can with whatever funds are available, aiming to deliver results proportional to the amount of funding we have.
  • How will funds be managed? About 50% of funds will be exchanged for a high-liquidity stablecoin and the rest will be held in BCH. This is to manage risk and ensure the viability of the project in the event of a sudden market downturn. Funds will be held in wallets controlled by George Donnelly.
  • Who is George Donnelly? I’m a digital marketer, entrepreneur and web dev. I have been using Bitcoin as cash since 2011 and previously have made noteworthy contributions to Steemit and Dash before beginning work in the BCH ecosystem in Nov 2019. Learn more about me at Email me at [email protected], reach out via Telegram or find me on Twitter.
  • What other BCH projects have you done? I previously raised about 46 BCH for the Bitcoin Cash Latam project, mostly in Jan and Feb 2020. The BCH Latam team has produced some initial results with these funds despite the coronavirus lockdowns. The BCH Latam project will continue and can enjoy some synergies with I have also done some work under the BCH Ignite brand and have raised a total of 0.11592806 BCH for that. will likely replace BCH Ignite. I have a consumer-focused business plan and am working on some BCH-powered web app ideas as well.
  • Have you done this kind of work before? Yes. I have been doing digital marketing for 20 years and ran a large team via multiple successful Dash treasury proposals that produced a lot of video and social media content to support our adoption work. See the @BCHLatam Instagram and YouTube channel for example content. This video series and this video are products I am especially proud of.
  • Why is there no website yet? It is under construction.
  • What will happen with BCH Ignite? will likely replace this project and brand.

6. Next Steps

  • Please contribute your ideas and feedback. Thanks in advance!
  • Join the team as an unpaid advisor, mentor or volunteer, or submit your CV for a paid position.
  • We will need to raise funds for the first 6 months of operations and welcome your pledges, donations and sponsorship purchases.

Thank you to the individuals who gave me feedback on early drafts of this proposal.

7. Contact

George Donnelly

Bitcoin Cash Business Development, Marketing & Adoption

[email protected]

WeChat: georgedonnelly

+573218423668 (cell, Signal, Whatsapp)

Click here to schedule a meeting.