Now that we’ve onboarded more than 700 merchants this calendar year, the Panmoni team is moving on to consumer adoption, primarily in the Venezuelan cities of Caracas and Maracaibo.

BCH merchant adoption is relatively straightforward. But consumer adoption remains complex and mysterious. The Panmoni team is working now on building a tactical manual for how to onboard consumers to Bitcoin Cash, just like the one we already have for merchants.

Employee Onboarding

One tactic we are seeing a lot of success with is trainings for the employees of merchants we onboarded to Bitcoin Cash. Talia Guerrero of our Caracas team pioneered this technique and now it is being replicated in both Caracas and Maracaibo. Below for example are photos of recent employee trainings done with BCH merchant Canguro Venezuela, a chain of technology stores in multiple Venezuelan cities.

Street Onboarding in Caracas

Olga Coché, our sales director for Venezuela, is pioneering the tactic of onboarding people to Bitcoin Cash in the street. Teams of BCH onboarders work together to orient and onboard new users to Bitcoin Cash.

Other Tactics

We have also done some meetups at our BCH merchants and are working on other tactics for onboarding consumers to Bitcoin Cash. Every person we onboard, be it contractor, merchant or consumer opts into our email database and we are working on sending them Bitcoin Cash educational programs to orient them over time and build a stronger BCH community.

Get the Background

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