The Panmoni – – BCH Latam team is pleased to announce the launch of Bitcoin Agents Venezuela, an innovative new Bitcoin Cash adoption project.

10,000 New BCH Users

Bitcoin Agents Venezuela aims to onboard 10,000 new Bitcoin Cash users in Venezuela this calendar year as part of our Project 1M.

We also aim to generate significant buzz for Bitcoin Cash across the country, including multiple media mentions, the production of a documentary about Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela and to conduct market research that will permit us to develop profitable BCH products in the future.

Multiple Venezuelan Cities

We are currently recruiting new agents in many major Venezuelan cities. Agents will receive training, support, marketing materials, uniforms and will have the option to be paid in Bitcoin Cash based on how many users they onboard.

Build your Prosperity

The core message of the Bitcoin Agents Venezuela project is “Build your prosperity with Bitcoin Cash”. Onboarded users will receive tutorial videos on how to use Bitcoin Cash apps and tools to earn new income in BCH, send and receive payments across borders and otherwise transact freely and instantly with unstoppable sound money for next to no transaction fees.

Why Venezuela

After 3 years of cryptocurrency mass adoption field work in the developing world, we know that remittances are the killer app for Bitcoin Cash and the solution to the inflows challenge. Given the Venezuelan diaspora and the resulting dependence of Venezuela on remittances to survive and rebuild after its hyper-inflationary crisis, it is a natural fit for Bitcoin Cash.

Why Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is peer-to-peer electronic cash that crosses borders as if they didn’t exist. BCH is sound money with excellent liquidity, extremely low fees, a vibrant business ecosystem and global merchant adoption that is second to none in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin Cash is committed to building decentralized, censorship-resistant blockchain money for everyone, everywhere, without arbitrary limits, regulations, paperwork or fees.

Join Bitcoin Agents Venezuela

To join Bitcoin Agents Venezuela, onboard here and select as one of your work interests “Bitcoin Agents Venezuela”. Verify your email and complete the course you receive via email.

We are building financial prosperity, and we want you to be part of this new story for the developing world.

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Partner with Bitcoin Agents Venezuela

We are interested in working together with other cryptocurrency businesses win-win so we can both grow faster.

About Panmoni

Panmoni is an organization that foments the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash as world-scale, censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash. Panmoni was founded by George Donnelly in 2017.

About George Donnelly

George Donnelly is a libertarian thinker, cryptocurrency entrepreneur and digital communicator resident in Medellín, Colombia. His goal is to facilitate the creation of a world where transnational commercial cooperatives and other forms of stateless governance play a leading role, and have supplanted the nation-state as the dominant mode of governance.