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Universal liberty and prosperity. Bitcoin Cash defends the right of every human being to pursue their individual liberty and prosperity through voluntary means without coercive limits of any kind.
1 billion daily active users by 2031: Bitcoin (Cash) is growing fast, which means opportunity for business builders like you.
Maximize human potential: When every individual has the opportunity to realize his innate human potential, all humankind benefits.
Eradicate global poverty by 2046. Bitcoin Cash can effectively eradicate global poverty within 25 years by sparking an economic miracle in the developing world.
100% Financial and Economic Inclusion: Every human being should have direct access to the global economy, to interact with it consensually with other participants, free of middlemen.
Give mentoring, not charity: Bitcoin Cash can give you the educational support you need to build a business.
Middlemen are obsolete: In a world of peer-to-peer Bitcoin Cash, middlemen such as governments, banks and courts are not just outdated, they are an impediment to prosperity.
Integrated global asset ledgers: The assets of the global poor are actually many times greater in value than those of the globalized first world. But they are fragmented.
Build businesses, don’t go into debt: Microcredit creates new burdens for the poor and fails to support anything more than the least efficient small-scale businesses.
Value comes from connection. All of humankind’s achievements come from connecting people and things.
The ledger is the foundation. The ledger is the center and foundation of civilization and economy, because it tells us who is accountable for what.
No more corruption. Corruption steals value from those who create it. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain is immutable and transparent, eliminating corruption.
No more central banking: Central banking is a moral hazard that puts our money into the hands of private interests. Bitcoin Cash makes central banking obsolete.
No more hyper-inflation. Inflation renders fiat currency useless for savings and capital formation across the developing world.
Individual self-determination: Every individual is the end goal of his own life, and has as his birthright the legal and moral right to live it in freedom
Incentives, not violence: Incentives are more powerful and useful than violence.
Win-Win. Economics is not a zero-sum game. Together, we can all grow.
Build power, don’t curry favor with the powerful. It is better to build power than to curry favor with the powerful.
Prosperity requires ethics. Honesty, integrity and transparency are the building blocks of a prosperous world.
The global poor are not so poor: The global poor have capital on fragmented and corrupted nation-state ledgers. Bitcoin Cash can unleash it with blockchain technology.
Network effect is everything. A payment system that includes everyone benefits everyone.
Pay the builders. Building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption will generate new value for everyone, so we can pay those who help us build it.
Abundance mindset is required for prosperity. With Bitcoin Cash, community mentorship, SLP tokens and flipstarters, upward mobility is possible for anyone. But it requires an abundance mindset.
Bitcoin Cash works. Bitcoin Cash is a network of decentralized trustless mechanisms for managing the economic relations of individuals that is powering the 21st digital economy for all humanity.
Cooperation, not coercion: Bitcoin Cash is a tool of cooperation for all people to profit and grow. BCH stands against all forms of coercion, including the nation-state and central banking.
Builders wanted: Bitcoin (Cash) is growing, and now is your chance to get the mentoring and support you need to build Bitcoin Cash businesses.
Bitcoin Cash thinks big. Bitcoin Cash has ambitious goals and we are building at world scale.

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