Here are our results for the project for the month of Jan 2021.

1. Ramped up Ground Adoption Work in Caracas & Medellín

We ramped up ground work adoption in Caracas, Venezuela, San Cristóbal, Venezuela and Medellín, Colombia, this time with a level of seriousness and scale not possible in 2020 due to previously insufficient funding and the unstable situation in Bitcoin Cash.

This new project is called 500-5 and our goal is to establish 5 new centers of BCH merchant adoption, each with 100 merchants within 6 months. The target cities include the 3 mentioned above as well as 1 African city and 1 South Asian city.

2. Began Publishing the Vision Graphics Series

The [vision graphics]( are a series of 27 images that lay out a vision for Bitcoin Cash, i.e, the why behind Bitcoin Cash. They are being published across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other platforms during January and February of 2021 in order to attract new people to Bitcoin Cash who share this vision.

See the whole series here.

3. Business Development

We collaborated with other ecosystem participants to have Bitcoin Cash BCH added as a base currency on the CCTip exchange. Thank you CCTip!

4. Interviews

We published a series of interviews, which were also released as podcast episodes at

5. LazyFox Tasks

We created two new LazyFox tasks but due to the diminishing rate of quality solutions, we are reducing our use of going forward.

Create a Vlog talking about Bitcoin Cash
Complete the Merchant Onboarding Course and Affiliate your First 3 Merchants

6. Merchant Adoption Course/Guide

I updated the merchant adoption course/guide that I created in 2018 and updated constantly through October of 2019. The course is the result of 3 years of research and field work into crypto mass adoption in the developing world and carries the lessons of dozens of wrong turns and experiments.

Anyone who wants to learn how to successfully onboard Bitcoin Cash merchants can take the course. It is available in English and Spanish.

7. Community Collaboration

We created this graphic to spread the news about how there will be no consensus changes to Bitcoin Cash on 15 May 2021 in collaboration with other ecosystem participants.



I have reimbursed myself (George Donnelly) in USDC for expenses I fronted for BCH Latam and through Dec 2020 as well as for those fiat expenses reflected above for Jan 2021.

Here is the list of 2020 expenses reimbursed.

Assets has the following assets on hand as of 1 Feb 2021.

294.30407274 BCH

17.71 USDC

Total: = $122,542.38* USD in purchasing power

*Assumes a BCH price of 416.32 USD.


We are pushing ahead on a major merchant and meetups program across 3 continents. I believe it would be more productive and a better use of time to build our business plan first but so far we have been unable to get it funded. So we are doing what we can with what we have.

I am behind on video tutorials and marketing campaigns but recently found a new freelancer who is promising and may help with this backlog.

Financially, the project is in good shape. Thanks to BCH appreciation and some favorable trades, the USD purchasing power of current holdings is actually double what it was when my flipstarter completed in Sep 2020. That said, the more donations we receive, the faster we can scale up.

Going forward, I’m not seeing much value in tasks anymore. Few people on or are here to do more than collect tips. It is important that new people be onboarded and that is what we are focusing on. We need not just new users, business builders, solution developers, etc., in Bitcoin Cash, but I am also desperately short of qualified people I can pay to do marketing, sales, software development and other work.

Partner with is a for-profit enterprise aimed at onboarding hundreds of millions of daily active users to Bitcoin Cash by 2031. We are committed to building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in partnership with the BCH ecosystem on a win-win basis.

Buy a Sponsorship, Purchase PAN Tokens or Make a Donation

We still have sponsorship plans available so you can benefit from our marketing and onboarding work.

You can also buy PAN tokens or make a simple donation.

Full details :](

We Are Hiring

We are looking for high-quality and qualified individuals for the following positions.

– graphic designer (freelance)
– video editor (freelance)
– Africa business development manager (must be based in a top-20 African city)
– South Asia business development manager (must be based in a top-20 South Asian city)
– Hindi translator and voice-over artist
– Community Manager

To apply, please send your statement of interest, portfolio (if relevant) and CV (PDF) to [email protected].

Thank You

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, flipstarter funders, PAN token buyers, perk purchasers, tippers and others. You have enabled us to get this far. Thank you.

We are now working out of a Slack and those funding us are welcome to join. Reach out and I will send you an invite.

Contact Information

Please reach out. We would love to talk with you any time.

George Donnelly

Bitcoin Cash Business Development, Marketing & Adoption

[email protected]

Telegram: georgedonnelly

WeChat: georgedonnelly

+573218423668 (cell, Signal, Whatsapp)

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This report was authored by George Donnelly.