Here are our results for the project for the month of Dec 2020.

1. The Road to Mass Adoption Documentary

Bitcoin Cash is building a break-out year in 2021. Find out what BCH builders are working on, from infrastructure to apps to adoption and more. Discover the vision that is driving Bitcoin Cash to mass adoption in 2021 directly from its builders, funders and promoters. You, too, can join Bitcoin Cash as a builder, investor, promoter and more, and this documentary tells you how.

2. On the Ground

  • Said Mora is a new team member in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, which is right on the border with Colombia and thus presents opportunities for fomenting cross-border trade.
  • We have new uniforms.
  • We sponsored the Nuestra Belleza Venezuela beauty pageant in Caracas, Venezuela and onboarded all of the contestants to Bitcoin Cash.

And we onboarded many new merchants, including these ones:

3. Interviews

4. LazyFox Tasks

5. Partnerships



I have not yet reimbursed myself for the fiat expenses for any month and will need to do that soon.

Partner with is a for-profit enterprise aimed at onboarding hundreds of millions of daily active users to Bitcoin Cash by 2031. We are committed to building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in partnership with the BCH ecosystem on a win-win basis.

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Thank you to our sponsors, donors, flipstarter funders, PAN token buyers, perk purchasers, tippers and others. You have enabled us to get this far. Thank you.

We are now working out of a Slack and those funding us are welcome to join. Reach out and I will send you an invite.

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