Here are our results for the project for the month of Nov 2020.

1. Video Tutorials

We created the following video tutorials. We are working with freelancers and upgrading our own video production capabilities in order to produce high quality video more quickly.

2. “Road to Mass Adoption” Teaser

The “Road to Mass Adoption” mini-documentary remains under development and is delayed due to computer issues. But we released a teaser.

3. New Bitcoin Cash Podcast

We launched a new podcast called “Peer to Peer” and produced a number of episodes. Subscribe to the podcast in your favorite listening app at

4. Long-Form Research and Article on What Bitcoin Cash is Building Now

We compiled the definitive one-stop resource on what BCH builders are working on right now, complete with an index that makes this long-form piece easy to navigate.

5. Livestreams, Interviews & Vlogs

6. New Team Member in Caracas, Venezuela

A veteran member of the Panmoni team rejoined us.

7. Bitcoin Cash Use Case Graphics

We released a series of 12 Bitcoin Cash use case graphics under the CC-BY license that everyone is free to use. We are publishing these across many social media platforms.

Bitcoin Cash is growing to serve the world, everyone everywhere.

8. Tasks

We added a couple new LazyFox tasks, mentored applicants and accepted a few solutions. We have a lot of video pending from this that will be out in January 2021 most likely.



I have not yet reimbursed myself for the fiat expenses for any month and will need to do that soon.

Assets has the following assets on hand as of 30 Nov 2020.

305.048981 BCH

The BCH Latam team has now merged with and has the following assets on hand as of 30 Nov 2020.

8.133135 BCH

1,919.51 USDC

Total: 313.182116 BCH + 1,919.51 USDC = 94,107.80* USD in purchasing power

Assumes a BCH price of 294.36 USD.


We remain understaffed and are working on rebuilding our team. Finding good people in the developing world that are positioned in places where they can contribute to our strategy or that have the requisite level of skill we demand is quite challenging.

Video production has been held up due to computer issues on my (George Donnelly’s) part and due to the lack of availability of some key freelancers I was counting on. I ordered a new machine 3 Nov but due to a variety of delays, it only arrived on 15 Dec.

2021 Plans

I aim to accelerate our ramp up in 2021. Among other things we are launching the “500-5” project on 1 Jan 2021. Within the first 5 months of 2021, we will have 5 centers of Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption and consumer education: Caracas, Venezuela; Medellín, Colombia; San Cristóbal, Venezuela & Cúcuta, Colombia; 1 major African city; and 1 major South Asian city. We will have more information on this soon.

I, George Donnelly, will be travelling to Africa and South Asia in 1Q2021 in order to kickstart our efforts in those regions.

Although I had initially planned to put out 3 videos per week, there will likely be weeks without videos due to production delays as we ramp up both the creative process and the media production team. Further, I had initially planned on doing weekly livestreams, but these will be reduced in frequency and some will be replaced with builder interviews similar in quality and style to this one. Until we have a critical mass of audience and builders, these builder interviews will likely be of more utility to the ecosystem than livestreams.

About was founded by George Donnelly in August 2020 to serve the goal of onboarding 1 million new Bitcoin Cash users by 31 December 2021. was first funded by BCH community members and businesses via a flipstarter campaign that raised 277.08 BCH in 5 hours flat on 10 September 2020. will serve as a convenient and representative interface for new builders, businesses, investors, journalists, content creators, holders and others to integrate themselves into the fabric and culture of Bitcoin Cash.

Partner with is a for-profit enterprise aimed at onboarding hundreds of millions of daily active users to Bitcoin Cash by 2031. We are committed to building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in partnership with the BCH ecosystem on a win-win basis.

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We still have sponsorship plans available so you can benefit from our marketing and onboarding work.

You can also buy PAN tokens or make a simple donation.

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Thank You

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, flipstarter funders, PAN token buyers, perk purchasers and others. You have enabled us to get this far. Thank you.

We are now working out of a Slack and those funding us are welcome to join. Reach out and I will send you an invite.

Contact Information

Please reach out. We would love to talk with you any time.

George Donnelly

Bitcoin Cash Business Development, Marketing & Adoption

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Telegram: georgedonnelly

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This report was authored by George Donnelly with assistance from Jose Araujo.