The flipstarter was funded in 5 hours flat on 10 Sep 2020 catching me a bit off-guard. Although the flipstarter mentions some dates, I felt compelled to push them back both due to my own prior commitments and to the uncertainty and tension created around the 15 Nov 2020 network upgrade.

That said, now that things seem to be on track in Bitcoin Cash, the groundwork we completed during the last two months is ready for us to build on.

Here are our results on the project as of 31 Oct 2020.


The website now exists. It was built using JAMstack and is at an early MVP stage with 11 pages and 11 blog posts, including the following:

I’m currently working with a freelance software developer to build an MVP marketplace within the website that will encapsulate 100% of all Bitcoin Cash use and utility options across the world, including events, merchants, development libraries and more.


I’ve planned out the content that we will be creating, including the following:


I’ve decided to focus on particular regions, and even cities:

Here are the Countries and Regions We’re Focusing on to Promote Bitcoin Cash

We will more specifically focus on Venezuela (the city of Caracas, in particular), Nigeria (the city of Lagos, in particular), and India (the city of Mumbai, in particular).

Therefore our three languages will be English, Spanish and Hindi.

Anyone who speaks these languages is going to find it reasonably easy to build with us, in particular the first two.

Although I have chosen to focus our efforts on these places and languages, that does not mean that other places are thereby excluded. I will work with anyone, anywhere. Don’t be shy and don’t let anything intimidate you.

Join the Bitcoin Cash Support channel and ask any question.


We cast a wide net looking for potential team members, specifically media people and community managers for Latam, Africa and South Asia.

We’re Hiring Team Members for

We published these widely, including on, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, Uptrennd, Flote, Publish0x and

Here are some of the ways we got out the word. Thanks to those who helped amplify our efforts.

We also leveraged Facebook Jobs for these ads.

We have procured a good number of leads on potential team members but will likely staff up conservatively.

At this time, the team is George Donnelly (coordinator), Jose Araujo (project manager) and we are trying out a few different media creators.


I’ve run a series of contests and tasks recently, including the following.

Earn up to 0.1 BCH! Video Contest: Which Language will Receive 72 Bitcoin Cash Video Tutorials?

Winners :

A Viable Plan for Merchant Adoption & Meetups in your Area

Create a Video of Yourself Remitting BCH Across National Borders

Create a Video of Yourself Onboarding Someone New to the Wallet

The Road to Mass Adoption: Get Eyes on your Projects & Inspire the Next Generation of BCH Builders

Join the Bitcoin Cash BCH East-West Friendship Group on WeChat


In the lead-up to the 15 Nov 2020 network upgrade, I judged that it was necessary to create some content and reach out to key decision-makers outside the BCH inner community in support of Bitcoin Cash and to protect the BCH ticker.

a. I created 2 content series for Twitter.

b. I published regular updates on the metrics for the potential Bitcoin ABC network split.

c. I created and published a very large infographic showing off all the Bitcoin Cash teams.

d. I gave about a half-dozen private presentations to well-known crypto businesses that have integrated Bitcoin Cash, and provided follow-up consultations.)

e. I created public media that helped clarify the situation and rebutted false propaganda.

Amaury S├ęchet is Forking Bitcoin ABC away from Bitcoin Cash

f. An in-depth reference page on the network upgrade.


We exhaustively catalogued all liquidity options for Bitcoin Cash around the world. This information will become part of the marketplace soon.


I believe 1 million new users is possible by 31 Dec 2021 but it is important to note that I have proposed this goal as a collaborative effort across the ecosystem, not a promise of something I would deliver myself.

I believe this goal is very much possible and I invite you to join me in achieving it.


I try to put out content that also helps guide others towards more building, especially in conflictive times. For example:


It’s important to note that although some Chinese translations appear here, that these were paid for out of funds received via for that purpose. flipstarter funds will not be used for any Chinese translations. I am radically decreasing my efforts in the Chinese market anyway.


I have not yet reimbursed myself for the fiat expenses.

Some of the expenses for results mentioned above I paid out of my own pocket.

Assets has the following assets on hand as of 31 Oct 2020.

233.0885822 BCH

12,355.25 USDC

ABOUT BITCOINCASH.SITE was founded by George Donnelly in August 2020 to serve the goal of onboarding 1 million new Bitcoin Cash users by 31 December 2021. was first funded by BCH community members and businesses via a flipstarter campaign that raised 277.08 BCH in 5 hours flat on 10 September 2020. will serve as a convenient and representative interface for new builders, businesses, investors, journalists, content creators, holders and others to integrate themselves into the fabric and culture of Bitcoin Cash.

Partner with is a for-profit enterprise aimed at onboarding hundreds of millions of daily active users to Bitcoin Cash by 2031. We are committed to building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in partnership with the BCH ecosystem on a win-win basis.

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Thank You

Thank you to our sponsors, donors, flipstarter funders, PAN token buyers, perk purchasers and others. You have enabled us to get this far. Thank you.

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This report was authored by George Donnelly with assistance from Jose Araujo.