Accept Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a great way for all kinds of merchants to get paid

Bitcoin Cash is for Merchants

Whether you’re accepting payments at a retail merchant, via an ecommerce platform, as a gig worker, freelancer or anyone at all, accepting BCH is easy, reliable, fast and can bring you new customers.

New Customers

Accepting Bitcoin Cash gives your business entrée to a new economy of crypto-savvy buyers who otherwise would not buy from you.

Zero Fees

When receiving Bitcoin Cash, there are no network fees. To send BCH, there are usually sub-cent fees. Pay $0 fees when you get paid with Bitcoin Cash.


No Chargebacks

All Bitcoin Cash network payments are final and irreversible, once confirmed. Don’t tolerate any more losses from chargebacks.


Bitcoin Cash payments arrive immediately. There is no lockup or holding period. Funds transferred across the network immediately land in your custody.

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Bitcoin Cash Merchant Tools

Take advantage of these tools to make accepting BCH even easier.


Bitcoin Cash Register

A point-of-sale mobile app.

BCH payment gateway.

Coinbase Commerce

A crypto payments gateway.


A crypto POS app.


A crypto payment gateway.

Pay Button

An easy BCH payment button.


A crypto payment gateway.


A crypto payment gateway.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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Why Bitcoin Cash

What makes Bitcoin Cash special and what can you do with it?


With Bitcoin Cash, it costs almost nothing to send value from one side of the planet to the other. That's  more money in your pocket & new use cases.

Safe Haven

Hyper-inflation and other government corruption reducing the value of your bank deposits? withdrawals limited? Bitcoin Cash fixes that.


Bitcoin Cash is world-scale peer-to-peer electronic cash that can scale to serve billions of daily users. As you grow, Bitcoin Cash grows with you. No limits!


Send money home across the world right now, no forms, no limits, no rejected transactions and almost no fees. Now you can do that with Bitcoin Cash.


No one can close your Bitcoin Cash wallet or freeze your funds. With optional privacy and built-in censorship resistance, BCH can't be stopped!


Pay for your goods and services across borders, without limits, bank costs, delays and with almost no fees. Bitcoin Cash is works everywhere!

Bitcoin Cash News

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What BCH Needs in 2022

What BCH Needs in 2022

Here’s what I think BCH needs, and why, in 2022. I welcome your civil, thoughtful reactions.

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

Panmoni Flipstarter Final Report

I, George Donnelly, ran a flipstarter in Sep 2020 that was funded in 5 hours flat. This post represents the final delivery of that flipstarter.

Success Stories

Actually, I love the Bitcoin Cash service, I announced that I accept BCH on WhatsApp.

In the following days I began to receive requests asking me, what was the payment procedure like?

I explained it and currently I have three clients from abroad who have family in Caracas, they are located in:

  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Holland

They make their purchases at my store, they pay with Bitcoin Cash and their products are sent to their  families in Venezuela.

It seems to me that Bitcoin Cash has given me added value to my trade, both abroad and within the country, the transactions are fast and secure, it gives the option and possibility to market my products and provide an additional service to my clients.

I have realized that with this I can sell to people that I had not previously planned and that as they told me when they offered me BCH, I am getting a new clientele. The benefits are great and the benefits unmatched. I’m really very happy!


Minimarket Toromaima, Caracas VE

At first, I did not know what it was about, however, I had heard a bit about cryptocurrencies, it seemed to me that it was an opportunity and I did not have to invest money for it.

When I got home I investigated on the subject and apart from entering their website and social networks, and I realized the community they had, at the same time, I began to investigate with friends and colleagues about this, and they informed me that they charged their fees to many patients there, without waiting periods or settlements through third parties, although it seemed something unusual and I was skeptical, however, I decided to verify that it was real, more in these times.

I began to inform my patients that I accept Bitcoin Cash in the consultations, none of them seemed interested, until after two months a patient arrived at my office and when he saw the sticker he was excited and asked me if I accepted as a payment method for an operation.

I informed him that my fees if he accepted them over there, my great surprise is that I made the transaction at once. From that time to date I have had approximately 7 patients pay me with BCH.

It really is something unique, and more so with the payment conditions that are presented to us every day, I am happy about this, I already know how to handle the application. It is something comfortable, friendly and very safe.

To all the people who read this, I recommend 1000% Bitcoin Cash.


Consultorio Alexis Acevedo, Caracas VE

When they came to the workshop to offer the Bitcoin Cash service, my parents did not agree with it, however, I, who was present and knew about cryptocurrencies, convinced them to accept it.

The following days I explained it to them and I was guiding them, I took care of everything related to it and to payments with cryptocurrencies. I told customers that we accept as a payment method and when they saw the application one of them coincided with the wallet and made the first payment.

Currently we do not yet have much influx of payments in Bitcoin Cash, however, we continue to offer it since I know that it is the future and that in a few months this will be one of the platforms for transactions, and that we are already one step ahead.

It seems to me something innovative, that it is carried out in this country is very good, although many people still do not have the knowledge, little by little it will be spreading, in addition to being a service that does not have monthly charges and its rates are very low. I am very happy that this is already in Venezuela.


Alarmas Beto, Caracas VE

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